Best Test series win percentage at home

Playing on home soil always in any format gives an extra advantage and motivation to the players. Crowd support, favourable conditions, experience, and familiarity with the pitches are some of the vital reasons. For the past 20 years and above, a few quality sides have stamped their authority while playing at home, especially in the longest format of the game and they feature in this article.

Let’s take a look at the best percentage in Test series at home since January 01, 2000 (Top 3):

3. South Africa (71.42%)

South Africa has occupied the third position in this elite list. Since January 01, 2000, they have played 42 Test series at their home and won 30. The Proteas faced defeat in eight series while they shared the remaining four. With this, they have a winning percentage of 71.42. Talking about the matches, the Africans have played 114 games with 71 victories, 29 losses, and 14 draws in the rainbow nation.

2. Australia (78.05%)

Australia is placed in the second spot in this chart. The Kangaroos have dominated their opposition in Tests at home. Since 2000, they have played 41 Test series with 32 victories, six losses, and three draws as their winning percentage reads as 78.05. The Australians have appeared in 129 games with 92 wins, 16 losses, and 21 draws on home soil.

1. India (79.48%)

Over the last two decades, visiting sides have hardly found any success in Tests in India with one of the major reasons being the deadly spinning conditions. The Asian giants have played 39 Test series and have managed to win 31. They lost three while the remaining five ended up in a draw as their percentage reads as 79.48. In 109 matches, India has managed to win 66 while they lost 14 and drew 29.