5 International cricketers who have better yo-yo test score than Virat Kohli


At the highest level of cricket, one of the best fitness benchmarking tests is the yo-yo test. And, the Indian captain Virat Kohli, who is known for his athleticism and high levels of physical fitness, surprisingly isn’t the player with the highest yo-yo test score. He may be one of the most agile cricket players out there, but there are players, who in terms of stats are better than him. Here’s a look at the 5 names who have better yo-yo test scores than Virat Kohli.

5. Beth Langston (19.1)

Beth Langston, the only female entrant in this list, with her score of 19.1 is the holder of the record of achieving the highest yo-yo test score of all-time in women’s cricket. In June 2018, Langston took her yo-yo test, securing this record-breaking score, while covering a staggering 2080 meters. The 28-year-old medium-pacer, hasn’t been playing at the highest level but has surely taken care of her body. She played her last international game back in 2016.

4. Kagiso Rabada (19.2)

The Proteas have been known for their fitness levels and have always set benchmarks for players to follow from all over the world. Holding his country’s flag high is Kagiso Rabada, with a yo-yo test score of 19.2, which places him at the 4th position in this list. The tall pacer in the time that he has spent in the dressing room, has made a name for himself. He has a total of 344 wickets to his name in the 142 matches he has played in international cricket so far. And, most of his success can be attributed to his great health and fitness, which is rightly reflected in his yo-yo test numbers.

3. Michael Clarke (20.1)

Yet another batting great, Michael Clarke from Australia, with his yo-yo test score of 20.1, recorded in 2010, makes his way into the list at the 3rd position. Like every other entrant in this list, his score is also one of the highest ever recorded for his team. He is bettered only by Steve O’Keefe, whose score was 20.3. Clarke in his playing days was known for his energetic presence on the field, and his fitness played a key role in helping him maintain that persona of his.

2. Shan Masood (22.1)

One of the most important players in the Pakistani Test team, Shan Masood has to his name, the highest score in yo-yo test in the Pakistan cricket team. His score of 22.1 was achieved in 2017 and is still to be surpassed till date. Since his debut in Test match cricket, he has played in 23 matches for the team, amassing 1368 while opening the batting. His fitness continues to set examples in the Pakistan team, while he himself continues to provide good starts to them at the top of the order.

1. Sir Alistair Cook (22.3)

The exceptional English batsman, Sir Alistair Cook, makes his entry at the 1st spot in this list. His numbers with the bat are well known, and it was nothing but natural that he remained in top notch health throughout his career. To spend a lot of time on the field, like Cook did, one needs to maintain the highest levels of fitness. Owner of many records with the bat in hand, his score of 22.3 in the yo-yo test, also beats that of any other player from England.