5 times when captains fought with umpires over on-field decisions

The game of cricket is rightly known as a gentlemen’s game for ages, but it is also a clear fact that the same world is not new to controversies. There have been various moments in the rich history of cricket where players or captains have lost their cool in heat of the moment. Though a captain is expected to uphold the spirit of the game by the best standards, they also get carried away on various occasions. In the same light, let’s look at five incidents where captains fought with umpires after on-field decisions.

5. Tim Paine in 2021 (vs India)

The latest incident of a rift with the on-field umpire was seen in India’s 3rd Test against Australia at Sydney Cricket Ground. Cheteshwar Pujara was on the crease, and he was caught at short leg by Matthew Wade. On-field umpire Paul Wilson didn’t give out, and the hosts opted for DRS. The third umpire Bruce Oxenford also couldn’t find anything on the Snicko and hotspot and went with the on-field umpire’s decision. Paine suddenly lost his cool and got involved in a heated argument with umpire Wilson. He was also fined 15% of his match fee by ICC for the same reason.

4. Ricky Ponting in 2010 (vs England)

The incident dates back to 2010 when Australia was playing its fourth Test against England at Melbourne. The Kangaroos were on the verge of a third Ashes series loss, and that is when Ricky Ponting lost his cool over on-field umpire’s decision. Australia appealed against Kevin Pietersen for a caught behind and it was turned down by on-field umpire Aleem Dar. They took a referral and were even turned down by the third umpire. Ponting then started arguing with umpires and even went to confront Pietersen.

3. MS Dhoni in 2012 (against Australia)

The legendary skipper MS Dhoni is known for his calm and cool demeanour but even he lost his temper in a match against Australia in 2012. India appealed for a stumping against Michael Hussey off Suresh Raina’s delivery. The third umpire Bruce Oxenford declared him out, and he started walking towards the pavilion before on-field umpire Billy Bowden called him back. Actually, the third umpire pressed the wrong signal and immediately corrected his decision. He even directed the on-field umpire to call the batsman back. MSD got furious, and his body language with the umpires clearly showed that he was not convinced.

2. Brian Lara in 2006 (vs India)

India were playing a Test match in the Caribbean land where young Dhoni was new in cricket to etch his mark. He was batting with fearlessness and brilliance when an incident happened where Lara had to ask him to walk off. He was up with his class when he was caught at deep mid-wicket by Darren Ganga close to the boundary, but on-field umpire Asad Rauf wasn’t convinced. He didn’t give out and referred leg umpire Simon Taufel. The replays also couldn’t clear anything as the technology wasn’t much appropriate back then. Lara was clearly not happy with what was going on and was seen discussing the matter with the umpires.

It was later revealed by Dhoni that Lara went up to him and asked him to kindly walk off. Lara had said that he takes responsibility for his players, and what they say will be the truth.

1. Arjun Ranatunga in 1999 (Vs Australia)

While legendary spinner Muttiah Muralitharan was making his name in the field of cricket, he was troubled by umpires Tony McQuillan and Ross Emerson. They called his off-breaks ‘throwing’ and declared them no balls. In 1999, Lanka was up against Australia, and Emerson called Muralitharan’s delivery as no-ball. The agitated Lankan skipper Ranatunga didn’t bow down this time and called his entire team to leave the field right then.

A huge drama was about to unfold before the Lankan manager ran on the field and asked him to continue the match. Emerson wasn’t allowed to do umpiring in the series, and ICC intervention also took place.