Arjun Tendulkar helps England’s cause before Australia clash


England will encounter a high-pressure situation as they face off against their eternal rivals Australia at the Mecca of cricket, Lord’s. Nothing but a win will be a satisfactory result for the hosts as their hopes of qualification for the semi-finals hang by a thread. No wonder, they poured their heart and soul into preparing for the contest and for the cause, had the help from a young all-rounder from Mumbai.

Arjun lends a helping hand

Arjun, son of legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was one of the net bowlers as England underwent some gruelling preparation for their clash against their biggest rivals. Arjun, a left-arm quick bowler who can also bat helped the English batsmen to prepare for the challenge of facing Mitchell Starc. A video of Arjun bowling full-tilt at the English batsmen has now gone viral on social media. He bowled a long spell to Joe Root and could also be seen troubling him on many occasions.

Here is the video:

Making waves in England

Apart from bowling to England in the nets, young Tendulkar has been making a big impact in England. He recently played for the MCC Young cricketer’s side in their match against Surrey in the second XI Championship. Surrey opener NJ Tiley had no reply to a peach of a delivery from Tendulkar. He ended up with figures of 2-50 in his 11 overs.

Watch the video of his delivery below: