BCCI’s cost-cutting measure set to impact IPL Champions’ purse


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to execute strict cost-cutting measures on multiple fronts. The most discussed decision being reducing IPL champions’ prize money by half as compared to 2019.
In a circular sent to all IPL franchises, the BCCI has announced the decrement from the whopping amount of 20 crore rupees to 10 crore rupees. Runners-up of the IPL 2020 will also receive only 50% of the prize money as compared to IPL 12.

“The financial rewards have been reworked as a part of the cost-cutting measures. The champions will get Rs 10 crore instead of Rs 20 crore. The runners-up will get Rs 6.25 crore from earlier Rs 12.5 crore,” a BCCI notification read. The two losing sides from the qualifiers will now get Rs 4.375 crore each.

“The franchises are all in good health. They also have multiple ways like sponsorships to bolster their income. Hence the decision on prize money taken,” a senior BCCI source revealed.

Apart from the above-mentioned decisions, BCCI has curtailed expenditure on other fronts as well. Mid-level BCCI employees now won’t be allowed to avail business class flights like earlier times for flying to the Asian countries (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE) where the flying time is less than eight hours.

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Other IPL measures

There will be no opening ceremony of the IPL from this season. There have been changes in the venue agreement costs also. The franchises will now pay their respective state associations 50 lakh rupees to host each IPL match instead of Rs 30 lakh. Under the same agreement, the BCCI shall pay the state association the same money per match as the franchises. “That means, state associations will now earn Rs 1 cr per IPL match,” sources added.