IPL 2021: Ajay Jadeja picks his favourite team to win the tournament

ajay jadeja

The Indian Premier League 2021 is moving fast towards the business end of the tournament. Delhi Capitals, who were the finalists last season have already fixed their place in the playoffs. Chennai Super Kings, too, have almost sealed the deal. However, only one team will be crowned champions on October 15 in Dubai.

Former Indian player Ajay Jadeja has voiced his opinion on who he feels has a better chance to win the championship. Delhi has played ten matches in this tournament and won eight matches so far. On the other hand, Chennai has played nine and won seven out of them. Both the teams have won their two games in the UAE leg so far.

Jadeja expressed that Chennai seems a better team to him. He noted that Delhi can lose its momentum in a crunch situation such as the final. He also pointed out that CSK has a team full of experienced players and in crunch situations, have previously won tournaments as big as this.

Chennai have immense experience of crunch game: Ajay Jadeja

I think Chennai is still looking for the better side among the two, although Delhi is also doing really well. Delhi sometimes gets rushed in a big game like we saw today with their batting. Semi-final, final are one-game shoot-outs, and Chennai have immense experience of crunch games,” Ajay Jadeja said while speaking to Cricbuzz.

In the last two seasons, Delhi has emerged as a top team in the IPL after not being able to qualify even once between 2012 and 2018. In the 2019 season, they entered the playoffs but lost to CSK in Qualifier 2. In the 2020 season, they made it to the final but lost the match to Mumbai Indians.

CSK, on the other hand, has a top record of winning the IPL three times, in 2010, 2011, and 2018. They have also made it to the playoffs the most number of times. Their record of the number of finals in which they have played is also unparalleled. However, it should be noted one of the losses which CSK have faced in this tournament, came against Delhi in their opening fixture way back in India during the first leg. The two sides will meet in Dubai on October 4 for their second leg game.