Kevin Pietersen plays hilarious prank with Nasser Hussain, Ravi Shastri

When England and India were battling it out on the field, a humorous incident took place in the commentary booth as Nasser Hussain, the former England captain, sarcastically called out former India head coach Ravi Shastri because he was missing from a picture of the commentary team that was posted on Shastri’s Twitter page.

He claimed that Ravi Shastri had tagged everyone else but him, saying: “I have been cropped out of Ravi Shastri’s life.” Hearing his comment, Kevin Pietersen, who was also a part of the commentary panel, began laughing out loud. Pietersen’s response had a valid explanation because he was the one who had planned the joke, it was subsequently discovered. The former England batter was then shown applauding the joke’s success when the camera turned to him.

Hussain and Shastri have previously indulged in a war of words

Even on air, Hussain brought up a previous incident between the two. He was alluding to a previous instance wherein Shastri questioned Hussain’s criticism of India’s reluctance to implement DRS in 2011 as he said: “Ravi, you even put your arms on my shoulder and said we have put the past behind us!”

Back then, when Shastri had shared his views of not agreeing with Hussain’s comments, Hussain took a dig at the Indian veteran the next day after learning of the developments as he had said: “Ravi Shastri, I just want to pick you up on something you said on a show yesterday, questioning my right to call non-use of DRS a disgrace. Well, I have earned that right after 96 Test matches to voice my opinion on the game of cricket. It is my job and my right to voice my opinion. And I have been paid by Star to do so.”