Mark Boucher to make submissions against SJN hearings

Mark Boucher

South Africa national head coach Mark Boucher has termed the allegations of racial discrimination against him as “hurtful and factually incorrect” and is set to make a submission to Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) Social Justice and Nation-Building (SJN) project in that regard.

Former Protea spinner Paul Adams had only recently testified at the SJN hearings as to how Boucher and other whites in the national team referred him derogatorily in a team song, while another Protea player Thami Tsolekile had accused former captain Graeme Smith of “not wanting” him in his Proteas team.

During some phases in his international career, Adams happened to be the only representative of blacks and minorities in the national team of South Africa and brought the spotlight on the unfair treatment meted on him owing to the racial and discriminatory culture in the team.

My intentions are to co-operate fully with all requests so that the SJN objectives are achieved: Mark Boucher 

“I have been asked by the SJN to submit a written reply to the various allegations made during the hearings that have taken place,” said Boucher, who last week returned to the country with the national team from its successful tours of the West Indies and Ireland.

“The documents that I have been furnished with, as well as the various reports in the media, require my full attention and consideration, which I will be giving to them over the course of the next week.

“My intentions are to co-operate fully with all requests made by the ombudsman so that the objectives of the SJN can be achieved. The allegations in the media currently are hurtful, factually incorrect and do not serve the greater good of our country or the intentions of the SJN in mending past hurts and building relations. “I will not be commenting any further until the process with the SJN has been completed.”

Some of the black cricketers who have shared their stories of discrimination and racism in the game under oath at the SJN hearings include Adams, Roger Telemachus, Aaron Phangiso and Thami Tsolekile.