Match between Middlesex and Gloucestershire gets cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak

Ever since cricket games have started taking place after the COVID-19 outbreak in the world, there have been several instances where the games get cancelled due to sudden cases in the camp. In the latest turn of events, the English and Wales Cricket Board has confirmed the cancellation of the Royal London Cup match between Middlesex and Gloucestershire. The match was all set to take place at Radlett but had to be cancelled as cases were detected in Gloucestershire camp.

Members of the club were isolated immediately and as the whole staff had to undergo isolation, the match had to be ultimately cancelled. It has been reported that under playing conditions Group A will de calculated on an ‘average points per completed’ match basis. The club has also stated that it will give refunds to all the spectators who have pre-booked their tickets and have also paid for car parking.

The club added that no action is required on the part of spectators as they will be issued their refunds by the end of the coming week. In the same turn of events, Middlesex’s Chief Executive expressed his disappointment over the cancellation of the same fixture, in an official press release.

“Middlesex Cricket is extremely disappointed to hear of the cancellation of this fixture, which has a massive impact on our hopes of qualifying for the knockout stages of the Royal London Cup.”

Middlesex have taken every possible step to mitigate any Covid risk, says the club’s Chief Executive

“Whilst we have every sympathy with Gloucestershire’s situation, as we all endeavour to handle the impact of Covid on our playing groups, as a Club Middlesex have taken every possible step to mitigate any Covid risk to our players, and to hear that our opponents tomorrow are only able to field one player not in isolation is extremely disappointing,” he stated in the official press release as quoted by Lokmat.

Further, he also thanked all the supporters and fans who were in to attend the match which got cancelled by COVID-19. He also added that it is very disappointing that one gets to see so little cricket these days.