ACC presidency to be given to Pakistan in 2025

After an integral meeting that was held in Bali, Indonesia, it has been decided that the prestigious ACC (Asian Cricket Council) presidency will be given over to Pakistan in 2025. The delegation that represented Pakistan was led by the Acting Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Chief Election Commissioner Shah Khawar, alongside Chief Operating Officer (COO) Salman Naseer.

According to several sources, Khawar refused to be a silent spectator in the meeting and continued to raise objections at several stages of the proceeding. Furthermore, President of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) Shami Silva suggested that the ACC extend Jay Shah’s presidency for yet another year.

It is also worth noting that it has been decided that after January 2025, a PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) representative will be the president of the ACC for a brand new two-year term.

Furthermore, there was a delay in the passage of the previous meeting’s minutes, and even after Naseer had written a letter about it, there was no response given on the same.

The same point was raised by Khawar in the meeting: the minutes should have been sent right after the meeting but were only sent three days ago due to the delay.

Jay Shah to continue presidency for another year

With a representative from the PCB set to take over the presidency in 2025, it was recently announced that the current president of the ACC, Jay Shah, will lead the ACC for another year. The chairmanship of the ACC is rotated regularly and after Bangladesh, it was Sri Lanka’s turn but things took a turn.

With the consent of Sri Lanka Cricket and the board sacrificing their turn for another year, Shah’s tenure has been extended. The same decision was agreed upon by the member countries. With his tenure coming to an end in 2025, the leader of the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) will be taking the reins for the upcoming term.