BCCI to reward uncapped IPL players for international games

In a surprising turn of events related to the Indian Premier League (IPL), the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is set to unveil an innovative incentive plan for uncapped players at the upcoming IPL auction. This big initiative aims to reward players who achieve international caps between IPL seasons.

Players are usually bound by the league fee for three years. Release is possible if the acquiring IPL franchise agrees. However, in certain scenarios, the league fee for an uncapped player could experience a significant boost. If an uncapped player manages to participate in ten international games between two IPL seasons, their fee could double.

The BCCI, in a recent communication, outlined a fee regulation for uncapped players, emphasizing the absence of minimum league fee regulations. The key points of the regulation state that if an uncapped player, whose league fee is less than Rs. 50 Lakhs, becomes capped or achieves five or ten caps during the period from the end of one season to the start of the next, their league fee for the next season and subsequent seasons could see a substantial increase.

For instance, if the player has one cap, the league fee would be Rs. 50 Lakhs, Rs. 75 Lakhs for 5-9 caps, and Rs. one crore for ten caps or more. This fee structure remains applicable if the player is traded, impacting the new franchise’s salary cap.

To add clarity, the BCCI has differentiated between capped and uncapped players. An uncapped player is one without prior experience in the starting XI in International Cricket for an ICC Full member or without a Central Contract with their national cricket board. IPL considers players from ICC Associate member countries uncapped.

Mallika Sagar will make her IPL auction debut in Dubai

Simultaneously, the BCCI has confirmed a change in the auctioneer for the upcoming event in Dubai. Ms Mallika Sagar, an independent professional auctioneer, will take the stage for the December 19 auction. She will be the sole decision-maker on all aspects of the auction. This marks a departure from foreign auctioneers, with the likes of Hugh Edmeades and Richard Madley in previous years.

“An independent professional auctioneer, Ms. Mallika Sagar, will conduct the auction and she will be the sole arbiter as to all aspects of the auction,” the BCCI informed franchises as quoted by Cricbuzz.