England have to learn to live without Ben Stokes: Nasser Hussain

In the world of cricket, the resurgence of England’s Test team, led by Stokes, has been nothing short of extraordinary. Since taking on the captaincy in 2022, English team have triumphed in 13 out of 19 matches under Stokes’ leadership, marking a commendable revival.

However, their recent success is now overshadowed by concerns over Stokes’ persistent knee injury. It also raises questions about his future with the England squad. As a result, discussions about the all-rounder’s indispensable role have become the focal point, prompting former England captain Nasser Hussain to share his insights.

Hussain emphasized the pivotal nature of Stokes’ contributions while acknowledging the need for England to adapt to the possibility of playing without him. Also, he seemed uncertain about Stokes’ workload abilities when it comes to bowling full throttle for England.

“Stokes is three cricketers in one, he’s a batter, a bowler and a captain which makes him a pivotal cricketer, especially in those conditions with his leadership qualities. I’m not sure how much Stokes is going to bowl in the future of his career. Stokes is such a main man for England but they have to learn to live without him,” Hussain was quoted as saying by Sky Sports.

We’ve seen him play certain shots and collapse, In a Test series you can’t afford that: Nasser Hussain

The renowned commentator Nasser Hussain also shed light on how Stokes’ injuries have taken a toll on his batting performance, citing moments where his physical struggles impacted his ability to play certain shots effectively. Moreover, with the intense physical demands of the five-day cricket, he believes it will be quite hard for Stokes to cope with it and deliver an impactful performance for England.

“The reason he had the operation was to help him bowl more, but the last two years he’s been hobbling around and to a degree it’s affected his batting too. We’ve seen him play certain shots and then collapse. In a five-match Test series in the heat, you can’t afford that,” Hussain further added.

Ben Stokes, who recently had successful knee surgery, is now set to start his rehab under ECB’s medical team. While he gets better, everyone in the cricket world is looking forward to his comeback. As captain, his next major task will be leading England in five-match Test against India on their home turf. A daunting challenge that will test his and the team’s mettle.