ICC modifies rules, caught behind no longer to be checked for stumping referrals

With the new year, the ICC (International Cricket Council) has reportedly come forward with some rule modifications on the umpire’s review for a stumping. Players have exploited the rule for quite some time now. The new modification will now only focus on side-on replays and will no longer assess the caught-behind scenario.

A successful stumping allowed the team to avoid using a review for a caught-behind situation. However, with the new rule in place, this possibility will no longer exist.

In the India vs. Australia Test series, wicketkeeper Alex Carey capitalized on the loophole, securing free reviews by stumping batters multiple times. This tactical approach effectively maximized the team’s use of the review system. With the new rule, the fielding side must review caught-behind appeals using side-on-camera replays for stumping decisions. It ensures a more targeted and precise assessment.

ICC makes several rule updates

The ICC also made several changes to their existing rules with one of them being around concussion replacement. It was informed that the replacement players would not be allowed to bowl if the concussed player was suspended from bowling at the time of the incident.

Furthermore, the information specified that the third umpire will have a broader scope to automatically check all forms of foot fault no ball, in addition to the front foot. The authorities also set forth the time limit for the on-field assessment in case of an injury as well.

“Clarifies the time limit (maximum four minutes) allowed for an on-field assessment or treatment of an injury,” the rule stated.