Last year itself MS Dhoni hinted about captaincy: Ruturaj Gaikwad

Ruturaj Gaikwad, the rising star of Chennai Super Kings (CSK), is all set to embrace his new role as the captain of the team in the upcoming IPL season. In a candid conversation, Gaikwad revealed how he got the hint of his captaincy from none other than the legendary MS Dhoni himself.

Reflecting on his conversation with Dhoni last season, Gaikwad mentioned that last year itself, Mahi bhai had hinted about captaincy at some point as It should not come as a surprise to him.

“You know last year itself Mahi bhai had hinted about captaincy at some point of time. He just hinted that ‘be ready.’ It should not come as a surprise to you,” Gaikwad told the BCCI.Tv.

“Gaikwad further elaborated on how Dhoni subtly prepared him for the leadership role, stating, “When we came into the camp, he made me involved in some of the practice match simulations – back of the mind it was there, a week ago, he told me I have decided this,” revealed Gaikwad.”

Dhoni’s support for Gaikwad’s new role was evident even before the official announcement. On March 4, Dhoni’s enigmatic Facebook post, “Can’t wait for the new season and new role. Stay tuned,” sparked speculation about Gaikwad’s captaincy.

Recalling the moment, Gaikwad shared how Dhoni’s social media post about the new role sparked speculation among fans, with many asking if he was the next captain. Gaikwad responded, suggesting there might be another explanation.

“I remember him posting about the new role on social media. Everybody was pointing towards me and asking me whether I am the next captain. I replied to them saying, ‘maybe he means something else,’” he said.

Despite the weight of the new responsibility, Gaikwad remains grounded, expressing his gratitude for having Dhoni’s support.

“For me it’s a great backbone to have him still on the field. I have Ajju (Ajinkya Rahane) bhai as well, Jaddu (Ravindra Jadeja) bhai as well, so definitely a lots of options to look around. I don’t think to change anything. Just give the kind of freedom players want and I think everything will be fine,” he added.

It is one of the most exciting first-day games to look forward to: Ruturaj Gaikwad

Following his appointment, Gaikwad shared a heartfelt moment with his former teammate Faf du Plessis, now the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB).

“I just met Faf in the meeting and I said who would have thought, few years down the line you playing for RCB and you leading RCB. You and me sharing the stage at the toss. A lot to look forward to. I think it is one of the most exciting first-day game to look forward to,” he said.

Being a part of CSK since 2019, Gaikwad has gradually earned his stripes, culminating in his selection as the captain. Reflecting on his journey, Gaikwad expressed his gratitude, highlighting the significance of being part of a prestigious franchise and earning the trust of MS Dhoni for the leadership role.

“Feeling is great. There is two reasons. First of all, I will be part of such a wonderful franchise, right from my IPL journey started. Secondly, to be able to be trusted by MS DHoni for the leadership role, speaks a lot. Obviously, the challenge lies ahead and I am looking forward to it,” he said.

“Right from Day 1 I have liked how this particular franchise has worked throughout the years and I kind of got to know the real mantra or the real reason behind the success. What kind of things this franchise go through of Mahi bhai does, the management or the support staff does. I wouldn’t like to change a single bit of it,” Gaikwad concluded.