Master Blaster helps newborn babies in treatment with deformities

Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar announced a collaboration between his foundation and the Inga Health Foundation to support newborn babies with deformities in Jammu and Kashmir. While on his recent trip to the mountains, the great batter was observed spending quality time with children at the hospital, and upon his return, Tendulkar made the announcement official on his Instagram account.

In the post, the 50-year-old discussed the value of a smile as a gift and highlighted that nearly 60,000 children are born with deformities annually. He elaborated on his foundation’s efforts to bring smiles to these children and detailed the medical procedures involved.

“We don’t often think about our ability to smile, as a gift. We consider it a given. There are a few, who struggle to express even this basic emotion. Nearly 60,000 babies in India are born every year with deformities that inhibit their smiles,” Sachin wrote on his Instagram account.

“Through Sachin Tendulkar Foundation, we have been working with a wonderful set of doctors who strive to put a smile back on children’s faces, through cleft lip and palate surgeries. One of the centres we have been supporting is in Srinagar. During our trip to Jammu & Kashmir, we spent time in Inga Health Foundation’s hospital, interacting with doctors, children and their parents,” he further wrote.