Rohit will always have a hand on my shoulder: Hardik Pandya

Five-time IPL champions, Mumbai Indians (MI) have been through a tumultuous period ahead of their next season as they replaced their captain Rohit Sharma with Hardik Pandya. Notably, MI brought Pandya into their squad through a player trade with Gujarat Titans and also handed him the captaincy responsibilities.

Recently, Pandya addressed the media’s questions in the pre-season press conference where he was asked whether his being appointed as the captain would bring any change in his relationship with MS Dhoni. Answering the query, the MI captain had a heartwarming reply saying that he (Rohit) will be there to help him and he will look to carry his legacy forward.

“First of all, it won’t be any different because he’s always going to be there to help me out, if I need his help. At the same point of time, you mentioned that he’s the captain of the Indian team as well which helps me because this team, whatever it has achieved, it has achieved under his belt,” said Pandya in the MI pre-match press conference.

Further addressing the issue, Pandya also said that it won’t be any awkward and Rohit will have his hand on his shoulder throughout the season.

“From now onwards, it’s just going to be thing which he has already achieved, I just carry forward that. So, I don’t think it will be any awkward or anything different. It will be a nice feeling because we’ve been playing for ten years. I’ve played whole my career under him and I know he is going to have a hand on my shoulder always throughout the season,” he added.