Virat Kohli opens up on camaraderie with Novak Djokovic

Indian cricket stalwart Virat Kohli shared an amusing anecdote about his interaction with tennis legend Novak Djokovic. Kohli, in a recent conversation, disclosed that upon receiving a Direct Message (DM) from Djokovic on Instagram, his initial instinct was to verify the authenticity, half-expecting it to be a prank.

Djokovic, in a separate interview, had praised India’s star batter for his exceptional achievements, highlighting their ongoing text communication despite not meeting in person. The 35-year-old reciprocated the admiration and expressed his respect for Djokovic. The intriguing revelation added a unique twist to the camaraderie between these two global sporting icons who connect beyond the boundaries of their respective sports.

“I got in touch with Novak very organically. I think I was just looking at his profile once Instagram and I just happened to press the message button. I thought I’ll just say hello maybe. And then, I saw a message from him on my DM already. I never opened it myself,” Kohli said in video uploaded by BCCI.

“First time I saw my own messages, I saw he’s messaged me himself. And I was like, let me just check if it’s a fake account or something like that. But then, I checked it again and it was legitimate and we got talking. We keep exchanging messages every now and then,” he added.