We will not remember our career for bilateral series, but for World Cups: KL Rahul

In an exclusive feature on Star Sports ‘Believe’, KL Rahul divulged his extraordinary journey from adversity to triumph. The series, resonating with fans’ fervor for authentic storytelling, has emerged as a beacon of celebrating resilience and illustrating that dreams are within reach. Rahul shared his arduous path, bouncing back from seemingly insurmountable setbacks to claim the role of India’s wicketkeeper in the ICC World Cup 2023.

Revealing insights into his rehabilitation post-injuries, Rahul’s resurgence became pivotal in India’s captivating campaign. His return, marked by unwavering determination, transformed him into the linchpin of India’s gripping pursuit for victory. He also shed light on cricketers’ cherished memories when they play for the coveted title of the game.

“It really doesn’t mean much or 10 years or 15 years later when we retire we will not remember our career for the runs or wickets that we’ve taken or other bilateral series that we won. World Cups are the only thing that we will remember. So, yeah, there’s that extra fire in us to go a couple of steps further the next time,” Rahul said.

“Yeah, but during all of this time, I knew there was pressure to come back and all of that, but I had such a bad event that happened in my life that everything else seemed like, okay, it doesn’t, really matter. Everything else seemed smaller compared to, tearing your quadriceps and going through surgery. I couldn’t walk for the first three or four weeks. I was on the walker and, then slowly started building myself up during all that time,” he added.

Surgeon told I can’t make in time for World Cup: KL Rahul

Following an injury to his right thigh during an IPL 2023 clash against Royal Challengers Bangalore, Lucknow Super Giants’ skipper, KL Rahul, posted snapshots using crutches after his surgery. The injury, incurred while fielding, led to his decision for immediate surgical intervention, ruling him out for the rest of the IPL season and the imminent ICC World Test Championship final against Australia on June 7, at The Oval, in London.

“I don’t think it’s possible to make it in time for the World Cup. That’s what the surgeon told us as well. He said it’ll take five months from the time of surgery. Surgery happened in May, so that meant I’d come back just in time for the World Cup, but also, I know how things work, right?” Rahul continued.

“You can’t just come straight back into the World Cup. The team wants you to play a few more games before that, just so that they get confidence so that you get confidence. All of that time I was like, okay, I’m just going to take it as it comes. I can’t be stressed,” he concluded.