Sachin Tendulkar shares hilarious mirror image of him batting on ‘Left Handers day’

On the occasion of International Left Hander’s Day, which is celebrated on August 13, legendary Indian batter Sachin Tendulkar took to social media platform to share a hilarious image. Widely regarded as one of the greatest batters, Sachin Tendulkar was always in a league of his own.

His trademark shots were one of his most revered qualities. Resembling to the likeness of Sir Donald Bradman, and many other great batters, Tendulkar was always destined for greatness.

The Master Blaster took to X on the occasion of International Left Hander’s Day and posted a picture of the 1996 World Cup game between India and Australia. “In a parallel universe. Happy #lefthandersday!” Tendulkar tweeted.

The twist was reversing the picture, causing Tendulkar to appear as if he were batting left-handed. The post has been doing the rounds across social media.