Simon Taufel reveals why three byes were awarded to India in final over

One of the best umpires that the game has ever seen, Simon Taufel opined on the rare incident which took place in the final over of the India-Pakistan encounter on Sunday (October 23) in the T20 World Cup 2022. Virat Kohli smashed a waist-high no-ball for a six off Mohammad Nawaz in the final over of the match.

However, the right-hander was bowled on the subsequent free-hit but the ball deflected after hitting the stumps and ran away to the third man which in turn gave enough time for Kohli and Dinesh Karthik to pick up three runs.  

Pakistan skipper Babar Azam wasn’t happy with the umpires signalling byes and there was a lot of confusion among the fans too. The three runs proved to be crucial as they brought the equation down. With India requiring just one off the last delivery R Ashwin scored a single to seal the game for the Men in Blue. However, the dead ball controversy remains a talking point from the game and Taufel seems to have put an end to it. 

The ball is not dead on hitting the stumps: Simon Taufel 

Taufel mentioned that he was requested by a lot of fans after the intense India-Pakistan game for an explanation on the free-hit incident. He told that the umpires were right in signalling byes and reckoned that it wasn’t a dead ball.

“After the exciting climax to the India v Pakistan match at the MCG last night, l’ve been asked by many to explain the Byes that India scored after Kohli was bowled off the free hit,” Taufel wrote. 

“The umpire made the right decision in signalling Byes after the batters ran three following the ball hitting the stumps and rolling down to 3rd man. For a free hit, the striker cannot be out bowled and therefore the ball is NOT dead on hitting the stumps – the ball is still in play and all conditions under the Laws for Byes are satisfied,” he added.