U-23 Bengal coach Laxmi Ratan Shukla lays down strict instructions

Cricket has evolved in all aspects over the course of time. Along with dealing with the on-field crunch moments, the cricketers, just like every other established names, have to cope with a lot of things that come with the profession. The Bengal U23 coach Laxmi Ratan Shukla, who kicked start his men’s fitness camp on Monday, laid down strict instructions for the players to groom them into better cricketers.

Shukla, a domestic stalwart of Bengal cricket, was a minister of state youth affairs and sports until this January. He started his camp with 60 cricketers and made sure to have regulations in place. He asserted that the players will have to stay away from social media and cut off their long hair. He also stressed the importance of following discipline and a need to learn the Bengali language to get along well with the team.

“I have told the boys not to post anything on social media. They have to maintain decorum and discipline. Those with long hair will need to pay a visit to the saloons immediately. Thirdly they will have to learn Bengali for team bonding,” said Shukla, post a rigorous training session that lasted for over four hours as reported by Indian Express.

To see more Bengal players in the national team is a wish I have as a cricketer: Laxmi Ratan Shukla

Shukla opened up about the development of Bengal cricket and emphasized the importance of the transition from junior to senior team. He pinned his hopes on seeing more players coming from the districts that would eventually help in progressing the game. Shukla stated that effort is what matters the most and that result is a by-product of it. The veteran also expressed his feelings on hoping to see more Bengal players at the highest level.

“Improvement for Bengal Cricket means progress for the Bengal players. The supply line from junior to senior team is very important and that’s why I have chosen to work with the junior cricketers. I want to see more cricketers coming up from the districts for both boys and girls. I am not a coach, I am a guide, a helper who is here to help the players, and to see more Bengal players in the national team is a wish I have as a cricketer.” Shukla said.