Cricket Australia expresses interest in hosting India vs Pakistan bilateral series


Cricket Australia (CA) is stirring up hopes for cricket enthusiasts worldwide by expressing its eagerness to facilitate bilateral series between arch-rivals India and Pakistan. In a recent announcement, CA emphasized its readiness to host such a series, provided the cricket boards of both nations, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), reach a mutual agreement.

The possibility of witnessing thrilling encounters between India and Pakistan has tantalized cricket fans for years. Despite the absence of a bilateral series between the two cricketing giants since 2012-13, the prospect remains alive and kicking. Especially after the resounding success of the 2022 T20 World Cup match, which was played at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

The memorable clash between the two teams attracted a staggering crowd of 90,293 spectators, leaving an indelible mark on cricketing history. A top official for the Australian board emphasized the desire to host electrifying contests like the India-Pakistan game at the MCG, noting its memorable impact and expressing a willingness to replicate such events if the opportunity arises.

“I think anyone that was here for the India-Pakistan game at the MCG, it will go down as one of the most memorable occasions, not just sporting occasions, that I’ve ever been to. So people want to see that contest. We would love to host that if the opportunity arose. If we can play a role, we’d love to play a role,” Cricket Australia’s CEO, Nick Hockley was quoted as saying by ESPN Cricinfo.

“We’re so excited to host Pakistan. We’re so excited to host India. If we can help, that’s great. But I think in many ways, that’s a bilateral series. It’s really for others to make that happen,” Hockley added.

The proposition of organizing bilateral matches between India and Pakistan at iconic venues like the MCG has garnered significant interest from various stakeholders, including the Melbourne Cricket Club and the Victorian government. While acknowledging the logistical challenges, CA remains optimistic about its ability to facilitate such encounters, emphasizing its commitment to fostering cricketing ties between nations.

Every country in the world would love to see India and Pakistan compete in their country: Peter Roach

Although the current Future Tours Programme (FTP) may not accommodate tri-series involving India and Pakistan, CA’s Head of Scheduling, Peter Roach, affirmed the organization’s openness to exploring alternative avenues for promoting cricketing engagements.

“We haven’t got a tri-series in the FTP. Going forward we’re always interested in opportunities for matches and contests that will engage our fans. It’s fair to say every country in the world would love to see India and Pakistan compete in their country,” Roach said.

“We’re on record as saying we’re one of those countries that has asked the question. There’s no room in the schedules to do that at the moment. We’ll keep talking to them in any other opportunities that arise, but in this specific example there are not going to be any changes to the schedule,” he concluded.