Most Test wins by a visiting team in India

In the domain of Test cricket, India stand as a formidable force on home turf, often proving insurmountable for visiting teams. Over the past decade, despite sporadic successes from teams like Australia and England, triumphing over India has remained a daunting task. Since 2013, India have only succumbed to defeat four times, showcasing their near invincibility at home.

However, amidst their dominance, a few visiting teams have managed remarkable victories. Leading the charge are Australia, England, and South Africa, each securing notable wins against the Indian side but not much in the subcontinent. Here’s looking at the top 3 teams who have toured India and secured most Test wins on Indian soil.

3) Pakistan – 5

Pakistan’s Test cricket history in India reflects a humble yet significant track record. In 33 matches, the traditional rivals have triumphed in only 5 contests, suffering 7 defeats while settling for draws in 21 encounters. Their victories occurred in 1952, 1987, 1999 (in two matches), 2005, and 2010. However, post-2010, Pakistan have encountered hurdles, failing to secure a Test win in India, primarily due to political tensions preventing bilateral tours between the two nations.

2) Australia, West Indies – 14

Australia’s track record against India, comprising 54 matches with 14 wins, 16 draws, and a memorable tie in 1986, positions them as the second-best performing team. While England, Pakistan, and West Indies boast superior win-loss ratios, West Indies notably maintain a winning edge in India. However, Australia’s recent performance, with only 2 wins in 18 Tests spanning 16 years, presents a daunting challenge.

In India, the West Indies’ Test journey embodies resilience and trials. Across 48 matches, they’ve clinched 14 victories, endured 13 defeats, and grappled to 21 draws. Their last win on Indian grounds traces back to 1994, underscoring their enduring pursuit of triumph in the land where cricket is worshipped.

1) England – 15

In a stunning turnaround, Ollie Pope and Tom Hartley orchestrated a remarkable shift for England, clinching a thrilling 28-run triumph in the inaugural Test match against India. The victory, hailed as one of England’s finest, unfolded at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad on Sunday, granting them a 1-0 lead in the five-match series. England’s triumph marked their 15th Test win against India on Indian soil, a record surpassing the 14 victories held by West Indies and Australia.