As a leader, it is crucial to instill confidence in players: Rohit Sharma

Indian captain Rohit Sharma discussed his leadership style and emphasized the value of building players’ confidence and trust.

To foster a cohesive team environment, Rohit stated that the nature of his work includes making strategic decisions on the field and engaging with teammates off it. In addition, he spoke about the value of developing interactions with every player and the necessity of treating them equally and clearly defining their roles.

“As a leader, it’s crucial to instill confidence in players and make them feel valued regardless of their role in the team. Each player’s contribution is essential to the team’s success, whether they play ten balls at No. 6 or 7,” Rohit was quoted as saying by The Times of India.

“I make it a point to interact with players individually, understand their concerns, and provide reassurance. Building trust and confidence is paramount, especially in challenging situations,” he added.

He went on to speak about his opening position, stating he liked to take on challenging situations and enjoyed conquering them.

“Confidence stems from rigorous preparation and mastering skills. I thrive on the challenge of starting innings in adverse conditions and rely on extensive training to bolster my self-belief,” he said further.

The ace opener and his side are now gearing up to take on England in the third Test of the ongoing five-game series starting on February 15 at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Rajkot. The 36-year-old further spoke about the ongoing Test series, acknowledging the team’s surprising defeat in the opening game in Hyderabad but underscoring their tenacity as they staged a stunning comeback and convincingly won the game by 106 runs in the Visakhapatnam Test. As they get ready for the next games, the captain also stressed the value of keeping their momentum in the forthcoming games.