Rohit Sharma opens up on home team winning the World Cup

At the Captain’s Day event on 04th October, India Captain Rohit Sharma spoke on the rain playing a spoilt sport in the warm-up matches. He said, “Not really. I mean, we were happy to get those days off, and looking at the heat and stuff like that, you know, like we’ve been talking about it. We’ve been playing a lot of cricket off late. We played the Asia Cup, we played about four games there, and then we played three games against Australia. That gives us an understanding of where everyone’s at and what we need to do as a team as well.”

“So, I mean, in hindsight, yes, I would have loved to play those two games but can’t really do too much when the weather is going to be like that. Apart from, you know, traveling from one part of India to the other part of India, you know there is nothing much we could have done. But overall, you know, quite happy with how we’ve come to this tournament, playing a lot of games playing some good cricket as well. So yeah, guys are looking really good at this point in time.” he added

Babar Azam spoke on returning to Indian conditions after five years. He said, “See there isn’t any pressure, it’s similar to Pakistani or Asia conditions. We have stayed here for a week, and whatever practice matches we have played, there isn’t much difference. The difference here is the boundaries are shorter, there is no margin for bowlers, if they don’t bowl with accuracy, the batsman can utilize that. So the runs will be more over here and you will have to play accordingly. But we will try to give our best on the day, apply our best game and execute it on the day.”

Not thinking too much about it”: Rohit on the trend of host nations winning WC

“Not thinking too much about it, honestly it has happened in the last three editions of the World Cup but all I can say is we going to try our best, give our best, and enjoy the tournament. That’s all I can say at this point in time because it’s a pretty long tournament and I do understand that you can’t get too far ahead of yourself. So, it’s important for us that we try and focus on one job at a time and then move on from there.”

Azam spoke on what the strength of the Pakistan squad is. He said, “I think our strength is our bowling. As you know we have been playing together for the last three years, most of the boys are the same. So I think our bowling is our strength.”