Shikhar Dhawan granted divorce by Delhi Court due to cruelty by wife

Star India cricketer Shikhar Dhawan was granted divorce from his estranged wife Ayesha Mukherji for subjecting him to mental cruelty in a family court in Delhi on Wednesday, October 04. Judge Harish Kumar accepted all the allegations made by Dhawan in his divorce petition against his wife saying that the wife didn’t contest the allegations or failed to defend herself.

The judge stated that the India cricketer was subjected to mental torture by his wife who forced him to live separately from his son for years. The court however didn’t pass any order on the permanent custody of the couple’s son but granted rights to Dhawan to meet him for appropriate time in India and Australia and also to chat with him over video call.

According to Dhawan’s plea, Ayesha had earlier said that she would come to live with him in India but failed to do so due to a commitment with his ex-husband to not leave Australia.

A report in Bar and Bench also states that the court also considered Dhawan’s allegation that Ayesha compelled him to make her the owner of 99 percent of the three properties purchased by him using his own money in Australia. The court also noted that she had also forced him to make her a joint owner in the other two properties.

Court also held that Ayesha sent defamatory texts against Dhawan

Furthermore, Ayesha defended herself against the allegation that she sent defamatory text messages to various authorities in the BCCI and also the owners of the team of Indian Premiere League (IPL) and fellow cricketers. She stated that she had sent those messages to only three people so that she gets her monthly maintenance on time as Dhawan had been delaying the payments.

However, the court rejected her defence and held that defamatory texts were sent to numerous people to pressurize, defame and humiliate Dhawan. The Court also accepted that Aesha picked up a fight with Dhawan for taking his ailing father to a hospital when he contracted COVID-19.