Shahid Afridi reacts to Rohit’s remark on India vs Pakistan bilaterals

India captain Rohit Sharma recently spoke about the significance of resuming bilateral cricket against Pakistan as he believes it would be a major boost to red-ball cricket. Meanwhile, former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi gave his take on Rohit’s remarks, expressing the belief that it could enhance the relationship between the two nations.

It is worth noting that, for over a decade, India and Pakistan haven’t engaged in bilateral series due to political tensions. Recently, former England captain Michael Vaughan asked Rohit Sharma whether regular matches with Pakistan would benefit Test cricket, during a Club Prairie Fire podcast discussion. The Indian skipper expressed his eagerness for such contests against their arch-rivals, foreseeing a thrilling competition between the two sides.

“Don’t you think India playing Pakistan regularly will be fantastic for Test cricket?” Vaughan asked.

Rohit replied: “I totally believe that they are a good team, superb bowling line-up, good contest if we play overseas. The last Test was played way back in 2007-08. Yeah, I would love to (play against Pakistan), it would be a great contest between the two sides. We play them in ICC trophies, pure cricket I am looking at, great contest, so why not?” Rohit had said.

In response to Rohit’s comments, Afridi commended the Indian captain for his “positive statement.” He highlighted cricket’s pivotal role in boosting relations between Pakistan and India, suggesting it could aid in resolving differences between both nations. The former Pakistan captain further emphasized the importance of neighboring nations cultivating a good relationship.

“Bilkul bahut acha jawab hai, hona bhi yahi chahiye (very good answer, the series should happen). A positive statement from an Indian captain. He is also an ambassador of India. We have always said that the relationship between Pakistan and India…..sports -especially cricket – has played an important role in it. We used to go to India and play cricket there. These things build relationship….padosi hai padosiyo ka haq hota relationship jitna behtar ho utna acha hai (it’s neighbours right to have a good relationship),” Afridi said on Samaa TV.