Watch: Michael Vaughan plays gully cricket in Mumbai

Former England Cricketer Michael Vaughan is in India for the 17th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2024). He is seen enjoying the vibrant culture of the country and portraying the same via his social media posts. Recently he was seen getting his beard done at the local barber shop in Mumbai. Now, according to his latest post, the veteran was seen playing gully cricket with the kids in the suburbs of Mumbai.

While he gave a glimpse of his indulgence with the kids via a video uploaded on his socials, he even took a dig at the Indian pitches that lack bounce and as many famous foreigners term nothing for the pacers. He uploaded two different videos and, in another video, he gave an insight into the famous one-hand one-bounce dismissal that local kids make part of their gameplay.

“Loved playing with the kids in #Mumbai .. similar pitch to the Test pitches #India,” Vaughan tweeted.

“Kids just so happy to play the game anywhere in #Mumbai … surely it should be one hand one bounce of the motorbike … #India,” he added in another tweet.