Sunil Joshi applies for the post of Team India’s bowling coach


Former left-arm spinner Sunil Joshi has applied for the post to become the next Indian team bowling coach. Joshi who played 15 Test matches and 69 ODIs for India confirmed the news in an interview with PTI.

Joshi believes that it is important for the Indian team to have a spin bowling consultant along with a pace bowling counterpart. The Indian team hasn’t had a spin bowling expert since head coach Anil Kumble resigned in 2017. Joshi was involved with the Bangladesh team for a period of almost three years.

Joshi speaking on applying for the job, said:

“Yes, I have applied (for bowling coach). After a fruitful two-and-a-half-year stint with Bangladesh, I am ready for the next challenge. India has not had a specialist spin coach for a while and hopefully, that is where my expertise will be considered.”

Joshi further stressed the importance of having a specialist spin bowling coach:

“If you see, most international teams have specialists as part of their support staff. Be it a pace bowling coach or spin coach. The Indian team too needs one. It is the need of the hour; it does not matter whether it is me or someone else. If any team thinks that it does not need a spin coach, then the mindset is wrong. In international cricket, if you don’t mature fast enough as a spinner, you will be found out, you have to keep improving your skills and guile.”

While Ravi Shastri is expected to be retained as the head coach, the position of the bowling, batting and fielding coach still remains an open field. A 45-day extension has been handed to the current staff till the conclusion of the West Indies tour.