Could take heaps of wickets against Bazball: Jasprit Bumrah

Star India pacer Jasprit Bumrah is aware of the damage Bazball can cause. He faced the wrath of it in the rescheduled fifth Test against England on July 22 in Edgbaston, in which England chased 378 runs in the final innings to win the match by seven wickets. In the absence of Rohit Sharma, Bumrah was also leading the side as he now has experience of the destruction that England can cause by playing an aggressive brand of cricket.

Despite so, the 30-year-old isn’t bothered about England’s Bazball for the upcoming five-match Test series, which is slated to begin on January 25 in Hyderabad. Speaking about the same, Bumrah mentioned that it is something he ‘doesn’t really relate to’ but is excited as it would give bowlers a chance to pick up a lot of wickets.

“I don’t really relate to the term Bazball. But they are playing successful cricket and the aggressive route of taking the opposition on, showing the world there’s another way to play Test cricket. As a bowler, what I think is that it keeps me in play. And if they’re going for it, playing so fast, they won’t tire me out, I could get heaps (of wickets). I always think about how I can use things to my advantage. Kudos to them but, as a bowler, you’re in the game,” Bumrah told The Guardian.

I am of that generation where Test cricket is king: Bumrah

In the era of franchise cricket, Jasprit Bumrah reminded that he is of that generation where Test cricket is king. The pacer stated that he learned the art of taking wickets by playing with the red ball and it has developed his game massively.

“I am of that generation where Test cricket is king. I will always judge myself on it. Yes, I started with IPL, but I learned to bowl through first-class cricket; that’s where I developed my skill, the art of taking wickets. In Test cricket, you have to get the batsman out and that challenges you as a bowler,” Bumrah concluded.